Reason #3 – Sometimes, we need help to find hope.

At the Trinity Boston Counseling Center, our clinicians are good at helping their clients find hope, even in the darkest moments. Since 2002, we’ve offered clinical support to people in need, whether or not they are able to pay for their care. This is only possible because our clients trust us and our donors support us.

 Many of our clients live in neighborhoods with high rates of violence and crime. Many have personal experience of violence or have lost someone they love to it. Some of our clients want to talk about their faith journey as part of their counseling. We think the two conversations are easily integrated. And we know that looking for purpose and meaning while looking for hope can be a powerful combination.

 How does counseling support our mission of changing the odds for Boston youth? We work with youth directly. And their families. And their pastors and neighbors and the staff at their local non-profit organizations. To change the odds for youth, we need to change the context. We need to surround them with hope.

 An hour of clinical care costs us about $100. Sometimes insurance will reimburse us for it. Many times not. And it is often those without insurance who are most in need.

 Will you help us help others find hope? Could there be a better reason to give?


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