Reason # 15: TEEP supports me like a family. It helps me think beyond myself, and to imagine how I can help people and communities in need.

TEEP has grown to be a massive part of my life and I am grateful for the opportunities it provides me, suggestions that I have been given, and just the family quality I have every time I walk through the church doors.

TEEP has not just helped me when I needed it; TEEP has also shown me that I can be a person who helps others. TEEP has inspired me to truly want to help, instead of merely showing the occasional burst of excitement or a sudden inspiration.

In my ninth grade year, we read a book about a man who set off to climb a mountain, but found a very shabby town located quite close to the mountain. After losing his tour guide, the man walks into the town unknowingly and instead of acting like strangers, they treat him like family. So he helps them build up their town. Someday, I hope I can do something like this man did, and had I not gone to TEEP, I would never have discovered this dream inside me.

Nickie  (10th grade)


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