Reason #30: It is my responsibility.

For the past two summers, I have worked as the site director for  TEEP at Roxbury Presbyterian Church. Working as a site director has challenged me and developed me as a person.

When I arrived at TEEP 10 years ago as a rising 7th grader, I had just come to America from Sierra Leone.  I was extremely shy and didn’t really have much to say. Sometimes, I would want to speak up, but did not have the courage to do so. Over the years, TEEP helped me overcome my shyness and helped shaped me into a respectful and responsible leader. 

I am now a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I am majoring in Biology; I hope to attend Med School and eventually become a doctor. While being a doctor is my ultimate goal, I also want to help youngsters medically and socially. I see many youngsters these days with plenty of leadership potential, but many do not have someone leading them in the right direction: a path towards excellence.

Being involved in TEEP is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the youth. Leaders such as Adam Hirsh, Paul Bowen and Jess Jeffler helped make me a better person by teaching and demostrating respect, responsibility, restraint, reciprocity, and redemption. I feel like it is my responsibility to do the same for the next generation.

– Fuad Conteh


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