10,000 Valentines

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away. And if past patterns hold, Americans will spend over $17 billion marking the day – including $350 million on gifts to our pets.

It wasn’t always this way. In the beginning, about 500 AD, Pope Gelasius I created St. Valentine’s Day to remember one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine. Somehow in the Middle Ages it got associated with romantic love. And then in the 19th century it became big business. Not sure when the pet thing got started.

We’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day at the Trinity Boston Foundation and we have an invitation for you. We’d like to invite you to give a Valentine’s gift to someone you don’t know. Someone who needs a mentor, a tutor or a counselor. Someone who needs love in order to find hope.

Love is the core business of the Trinity Boston Foundation. In the next two weeks, we are going to tell you stories of our work — love stories that are happening right now, that you can be part of.

If you make a gift – think of it as sending a Valentine – it will be matched by a donor who has offered up to $5,000 of matching money. That’s $10,000 worth of Valentines we can send across the city.

Imagine what would happen if even a fraction of our national spending on Valentine’s Day were diverted to support individuals and communities in need.

Please join us. Post a comment. Make a gift. Invite your friends. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day together.


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