No Heat. Again.

Yesterday, a family in Mattapan faced yet another night without heat. The pipes had frozen. And the handyman who promised to come two days prior still hadn’t shown.

One of the boys in this family is part of TEEP, the Trinity Education for Excellence Program.  Because parent engagement is an important part of TEEP, this mother not only knows Paul Bowen, TEEP’s founding director, but she knows his cell phone number, too.  So she called Paul to ask for help.

TEEP is a program of the Trinity Boston Foundation, and neither TEEP nor the Foundation  knows much about heat and frozen pipes. Our mission is to change the odds for Boston youth — and our TEEP students beat the odds at a remarkable rate (100% go to college). We teach core values; provide significant academic support, summer jobs, help with high school and college admissions; and cultivate the leadership potential of each student.

But when one of our families is in crisis, we’re a phone call away.

Not only did the family have a warm place to stay last night, but when it turned out to be the birthday of one of the siblings, there was even an impromptu birthday party!

Love stories like this one are only possible because of the generosity of our donors.  Won’t you join us?

Thank you!


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