Loving the Dearborn School (Part II)

In Part I of this post, we talked about the alliance of partners dedicated to helping the Dearborn School become a STEM School (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for grades 6-12. We need your help this week to take the next step.

The Dearborn was identified by the Boston Public Schools as a prospective STEM school in April 2010. Now it needs a detailed education and curriculum design to guide the architectural plans to renovate the school’s dilapidated building.

There is state funding available to develop the plan, but we need to submit a strong proposal in order to secure it. So, the Dearborn leadership team is trying to raise $14,000 to hire an expert on STEM schools and a grantwriter who can help BPS write the proposal this month.

With our Valentine’s match in place, there is a great opportunity for Trinity Boston Foundation donors to kick-start the fundraising and inspire our city-wide partners to do their part.

Our contributions at this moment will be highly leveraged: the renovation of the Dearborn will be a multi-million dollar project that could take upwards of two years. The proposal that needs to be written is to the state school building authority, which provides construction funds for school building projects that meet all of their rigorous criteria. While final approvals cannot be guaranteed, we know that the leadership of the building authority is keenly interested in the Dearborn’s dream.

We need to get this proposal written. Can you help?

What a great Valentine to send to the leadership team at the Dearborn School and to the generations of students who will benefit from its renewal!


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