Running for Love

Seven members of Sole Train!, the Trinity Boston Foundation’s running club are training for the Boston Marathon this year.

Four are Trinity staff, including the Foundation’s Executive Director, Louise Packard; Director of Music, Richard Webster; Assistant Director of TEEP, Juan David Lozano; and Program Director of Street Potential and Sole Train! Coach Jessica Leffler. Team Trinity/Rodman Ride leader Pam Hughes, Sole Train! mentor Gail Covelluzzi and new volunteer Jason Sevinor complete the team.

The team has all the usual personal reasons for running a marathon — like getting or staying in shape and achieving a big goal. But they are also united in their commitment to the Trinity Boston Foundation’s mission of changing the odds for Boston youth.

They are running for love.

They are running for a sixth grade boy who is struggling in school but has so much potential — a sixth grader who will join TEEP this summer and find a community that cares and a clear path to college.

They are running for a mother who has come to the Trinity Boston Counseling Center to find a way to keep going even as she grieves the loss of her child to street violence.

They are running for a young man who, at 17, has seen too much darkness, spent too much time locked up and who, at Street Potential finds the love and hope essential for redirecting his life.

Will you sponsor a runner and join them in their commitment to changing the odds?

Click here to choose a runner to support with your gift.

Thank you!


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