Help Make College Dreams Come True

At TEEP our #1 goal is to empower students to achieve excellence, and one of the signs of excellence is admission to a four-year college. As part of our Road Map to College, TEEP assigns a college prep mentor to every high school senior. These mentors assist with college choices, critique essays and get students ready for admissions interviews. However, the needs of each student can vary significantly depending on their high school preparation.

The road to college is an uphill battle for all of our TEEP students – even the ones who are among the highest achievers. Senior Courtney is ranked #1 in her graduating class, with solid SAT scores, yet she too has a battle on her hands. In the college admissions process, Courtney will be compared not only to her classmates but to students from the best high schools all across the country.

This past fall, Suki Garcia, one of our newest volunteers, helped guide Courtney through this process. Suki was able to provide a realistic view of how colleges judge applications. She also provided guidance on different components of the application including interview preparation, essay critique and extra-curricular portfolio development.

Access to college education will change the trajectory of our students’ lives, and make their dreams of a successful life a reality.

Your generosity makes our students’ dreams possible!


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