Reason #2: Everyone is Transformed by TEEP

Each year, in July, thirty or so rather small, young adolescents begin the TEEP Summer Program of academic study, exploration of the city, and team building. They have just graduated from the 6th grade in Boston Public Schools and, without TEEP, would be facing somewhat empty summers. Once at Trinity, they join 8th and 9th graders in the middle school program, 10th graders who serve as counselors in training, and 11th and 12th graders (and college students) who are counselors and staff to the program. They join a community. And as the years roll on they become the counselors in training and program staff so that now, after 12 years, TEEP’s leaders are program graduates.
That TEEP participants have now become TEEP leaders is a remarkable thing. It speaks to the nurturing and encouragement they have received; the confidence and skills they have built through the high school leadership development program and the opportunities they see ahead for themselves. They see a bright future and they enthusiastically reach back to the younger students and bring them along.
Everyone is transformed by TEEP: the students whose futures are remade; the mentors who come to know the students as creative, funny, talented kids, and the staff and members of the Trinity Boston Foundation Board who are energized to support the program in every way they can. Last year over 140 students were involved in TEEP and they all know that the Trinity Boston Foundation will be there for them throughout the year, year after year.

-Jean Krasnow, Trinity Boston Foundation Board Member

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