Reason # 7: Bostonians for Youth Brings People and Programs Together to Change the Odds for Youth

Our annual fundraising dinner, Bostonians for Youth, is not your typical fundraiser. Each year, we invite two other organizations to partner with us around a common theme. Past partners include Boston Ten Point Coalition, Urban Improv, Roxbury Presbyterian Social Impact Center, FUEL, and the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute . In 2012, our partners are Justice Resource Institute and The Youth Violence Prevention Funder Learning Collaborative.  Bostonians for Youth has raised over $900,000 to date and divided the proceeds among the partners. Why do we do this? Because no single organization can change the odds for Boston youth.   Collaboration among non-profits can lead to more effective programs and serving many more people.  If it takes a village to raise a child, we need to be the best village we can be.

Mark your calendar for Bostonians for Youth 2012 on May 2nd — see you there!

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