Reason # 9: The TEEP family is right beside me!

Throughout my high school experience, most of my worries have been about how to prepare for college. TEEP has helped me with my goal of attending college as it has given me opportunities that I wouldn’t normally have, such as tutoring and SAT prep.  Now as a senior, I am experiencing the stress of college applications, financial aid, and finding scholarships.  TEEP has helped me to deal with this stress by walking with me through this college admissions journey. The TEEP staff are able to talk to me in depth about college admissions, and TEEP has provided me with wonderful college mentors that really are a great help.

What TEEP has done for me and my fellow students is to provide us a community that gives us the support and guidance along the way as we work towards achieving our goals.  As I face my fears about preparing for college I know I’m not alone- I have my TEEP family right beside me!

-Lani (12th grade)

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One response to “Reason # 9: The TEEP family is right beside me!

  1. Ticarmel Cherisme

    I am so proud of you Lani! Congrats on your acceptance to Tufts. ❤

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