Reason # 17: When we don’t think we can make it to the finish line, our community runs with us to the end!

 Running the Boston Marathon was an amazing experience.  I have a new respect for anyone that has completed this race.  The bus ride out to Hopkinton from Boston was a good indicator that 26.2 miles is a really long way!  Coming into the Marathon I felt strong.  I only had an old knee injury which I thought I could push through. Unfortunately at mile 18 my knee would no longer cooperate and the last 8.2 miles of my race became a walk/run (really a fast hobble).  The pain was intense and I won’t lie, I wanted to quit, to just sit down and make it stop.  I figured I needed to get to at least mile 20 because that’s where my family and friends were waiting to cheer me on.  The thought of quitting and letting my family, friends, and supporters down was very emotional.  When I got to mile 20 and saw (and got to hug and kiss) those that cared about me in the crowd, they gave me the strength to continue on and to push through the pain.  I made up my mind; I was going to finish one way or another.  At mile 22 my good friend and his wife were waiting for me.  My friend Brian saw I was struggling and jumped onto the marathon course and proceeded to do the last 4.2 miles of the race with me.  Brian encouraged the crowds to cheer me on.  And they did, just like I was a rockstar.  I would not have had the strength to finish if it were not for my family, friends, supporters and the thoughts of the children and families that Trinity Boston Foundation supports.  And now I can proudly say, I’ve completed the Boston Marathon!  

 -Jason Sevinor, Member, Trinity Boston Foundation’s 2011 Boston Marathon team

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