Reason #18: By giving to Boston youth, you are blessed in ways unexpected

I usually enlist in Trinity Boston Foundation’s volunteer efforts because I’m drawn to the Foundation’s mission. I signed up for Trinity Public School Partners because I’d do almost anything to help improve the failing Boston Public Schools. What I didn’t anticipate was the great adventure I’d have helping 8th grade boys from theDearbornSchool in Roxbury prepare for the English MCAS exam.

I was braced for a rough time, largely because I’d seen a close friend dissolve in tears each fall before returning to her middle-school classroom. But instead of a group of unruly kids who balked at doing the work, my colleagues and I found very talented and highly motivated students—Nvagamo (“V”), Hasaan, Jeremiah, and Patrick who not only “got” the subject matter but challenged us to push them ahead. Over the six week period, we came to know and love this terrific group of kids, acquired greater insight into the obstacles they face day-to-day, and improved our street smarts in the process (Don’t be surprised to see skinny jeans making a comeback!). I’m thankful to have found such an exhilarating way to start the weekend.

 ~Beverly Merz, Trinity Public School Partners

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