Reason # 21: Why I love TEEP

In TEEP, we teach the 5R’s (Respect, Responsibility, Restraint, Reciprocity and Redemption), and for me, two out of the five, Reciprocity and Redemption, have played a big role in my life. Not just during this season, but throughout the year, I was given time: time to be heard, time to express my anger, time to be loved, time to show that together we can survive life’s challenges with families, education, and socio-economic issues. Even when I felt as if I had exhausted all opportunities and had been achieving less than excellence, TEEP’s “window of redemption” never closed on me. I was supported where I stood. The people in my “TEEP family” told me they saw potential. They never gave up, they just kept giving back, sparking in me a drive I didn’t know I had.

We all dedicate time to the things we care about and I hope TEEP is on your “care list.” Changing the odds for inner-city youth happens collectively not individually.

Juan David, TEEP Assistant Director

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