Reason # 25: Reaping the benefits of hard work, and of course, celebrating.

 What does it feel like to hear from one of your TEEP seniors that she got into the “reach” college of her choice? How about Tufts as an Early Decision candidate? Call it the best Christmas present that we’ll receive this month.

We’ve been mentoring Lani and her sister, Alex, since October in the formidable and ever-daunting college application process.  We’ve read many essays, and asked a lot of questions like “What are you really trying to say?”  We’ve made suggestions, not all of which have made the final cut. Most importantly, we’ve seen these two superb young women learn to write confidently about themselves and the personal challenges they face at home and in school.

Tufts was at the top of Lani’s list, and December 14th was a big day, not only for Lani but for Tufts too. “The Class of 2016 is no longer an abstraction.  339 students (about a quarter of our projected class) just received an invitation to join Tufts’ 159th entering class through Early Decision.” wrote Tufts’ Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Lee Coffin, in his online blog.

We can’t wait for Lani to become, in Tufts parlance, a ‘Jumbo’, and to hear where Alex is headed come September. And that’s why Advent feels extra-special this year.

     –Jay Cushman and Janet Shipman, grateful TEEP mentors.

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