Reason # 27: TEEP provides a path to success

Trinity Education for Excellence Program, the name alone says commitment to students and families.  As a parent of TEEP students for over 4 years, I am impressed each year by the unconditional support of the staff to foster growth and success in students both academically and socially.  I have both students and my own children in the middle school program and the high school leadership development program.

 The middle school program gives students the bricks needed to build a solid foundation for continuous achievement in school, community and home.  The high school leadership program allows students to build upon this foundation of excellence by learning about themselves, experiencing new opportunities, and carving out their space in the world.

I have witnessed unbelievable growth in my students as they matriculate through TEEP.  The staff creates such an incredible road to success that is filled with directions, warning signs, rest stops, and most importantly u-turns.  Students are allowed to travel this road knowing there is ongoing support along the way.  As a parent, this is peace of mind, when you know there are other adults you trust who are teaching your child values for life that are in alignment with your own family values.

As parents, we must be invested in our child’s educational experience and therefore must take advantage of every opportunity to be involved.  The TEEP Parent Council is a great way to support our children and the TEEP staff.  Parental involvement completes the triangle of success for our children.

Monique Veale, TEEP Parents Council

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