Reason # 30: Jumping for Joy

 The college admissions process can be a tense and often times nerve-wracking experience; and that’s just from my perspective as a college admissions counselor. Perhaps you remember what it was like as a 17 or 18 year old?

We encourage our TEEP students to apply via the early admissions process. This year 100% of the students who have received early responses have been accepted — Tufts, University of Connecticut, Eastern Nazarene College and University of Hartford. Our TEEP students are well rounded, maintain good grades, and have invested more than 1800 hours over the course of their four years in the Leadership Development Program (LDP). Clearly they are very attractive candidates!

~ Chris Parris, TEEP Academic Dean

Lani, who offered reason #9 for this blog, wrote the following post script:

“Why would a seventeen year old be crying two weeks before Christmas? Why would a grown man be screaming at the top of his voice while knocking his chair over and jumping for joy? Well that’s the reaction a “Congratulations” in a college acceptance letter will give you. I still can’t believe it…. I got in!”

Alandra Champion, Boston Latin Academy ‘12,  Tufts University ‘16

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