Reason #31: Because when you give, you claim this community as your own.

There is great news to share — we have met our challenge! Your gifts over the last ten days have topped $30,000  and so the anonymous donor has given $10,000. All of which means we have hit our revenue goal for 2011 and enter 2012 encouraged and excited to work together to change the odds for Boston youth.

If you haven’t made a gift yet, there is even better news: there is still time left in 2011 to make a gift and claim the Trinity Boston Foundation community as your own. To be part of the movement to change the odds. Are you particularly excited about TEEP, the Trinity Boston Counseling Center, Sole Train, Bostonians for Youth, Music for All or Trinity Public School Partners? If so, you can direct our gift to one of our programs. Or just make a general gift and support it all.

To those who gave to meet the challenge — thank you! To those who are still considering a gift — join us!

Make a gift!


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