About Trinity Boston Foundation

Trinity Boston Foundation is a subsidiary of Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston’s Copley Square. Our mission is to change the odds for Boston youth, with a focus on rates of high school graduation, college access and success, as well as violence and incarceration.  Our programs inspire, empower and affirm participants and their families. We build partnerships with schools, faith communities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, corporations and foundations, collaborating on programs and working for systemic change. All of our work is grounded in relationships and community. We invest in creating community among our entire constituency: program participants, volunteers, donors, staff and partners – a community that embodies hope, joy and generosity and builds relationships that embrace difference.

The Foundation offers two community programs: Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP) and Trinity Boston Counseling Center (TBCC). TEEP, founded in 2000, was recently recognized as one of the top seven college access programs in Massachusetts. The Trinity Boston Counseling Center, founded in 2002, offers individual and group counseling and has expertise working with court-involved youth and their families, front-line youth workers, as well as leaders and members of faith communities. Our annual fundraising dinner, Bostonians for Youth, shines a spotlight on critical issues facing youth while raising money not only for our programs but also for two partner organizations.

Our partnerships
We are often asked why Trinity Church needs partners and why we created an operating foundation in the first place. The answer is two-fold. First, we are ambitious in our dreams for Boston and we know that no single organization can create systems-level change. Second, we believe that the process of building partnerships – with individuals, non-profit organizations, government agencies, corporations, and foundations – strengthens the social fabric of the city. It has been said that Boston is “resource rich and coordination poor.” In all of its activities, the Trinity Boston Foundation aims to increase coordination through projects, programs, and relationships that unite us all.

There are many ways to get involved – we are always looking for program participants, volunteers, donors, partner organizations.  Read more about us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for our email newsletter, join us for a concert or our Bostonians for Youth events. We look forward to welcoming you to our growing community.


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