Sponsor a Student

At the Trinity Boston Foundation we are working together to change the odds for Boston youth. Currently, 4 out of 10 students are not graduating from high school.  7 out of 10 will not graduate from college.

The students enrolled at TEEP, including those who were ranked in the bottom half of their sixth grade class, will beat those odds by graduating from high school and college.

Recently a national organization that measures the effectiveness of non-profits, chose TEEP as one of the seven best college access programs in Massachusetts.  Their report validates our holistic, long-term, values-based approach.  Information about the specifics of TEEP is on our website.

Our goal is for every student to have a sponsor or team of sponsors contributing directly to fund his or her TEEP experience.

There are three ways that you can get help:

You can sponsor a student for a year by giving an individual gift of $3,225.

You can be part of a team effort – your donation will join with others to cover a student’s annual costs.

You can organize a team that will raise $3,225 to sponsor a student for a year.

These last two approaches are rooted in the idea, so often discussed with our students, that teamwork can accomplish things that one person cannot do by her or himself. We recognize that $3225 is a substantial amount, but if people work together—a family team, a friend team, even a work team —  the goal of $3,225 could be achieved.

Let us know how you would like to help.

Thank you!