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Reason #12: The silence after dazzling music

We believe in the power of the arts to inspire and unite us all.

The 1000 people who attended our annual Messiah concert today heard stirring music in a glorious setting.

And in the stillness after the final chord of the choral benediction, when no one wanted to break the moment with applause, we felt connected each to the other – we were a community together.

Music for All is one way that Trinity inspires.

Through generous donations, we’re able to bring ambitious performances to Trinity at ticket prices that are low and accessible to all.

“We couldn’t have afforded the more expensive
seats and the $5 seats were not only a steal, but
our only chance to attend.” — Audience member,
Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts

Music For All is an initiative of the Trinity Boston Preservation Trust, a program of the Trinity Boston Foundation. The Trust’s mission is to raise funds to preserve and maintain Trinity’s landmark buildings and to offer them — through concerts and other events — as a civic and community resource.

We see deep alignment between the work of the Trust and the Foundation’s mission to change the odds for Boston youth. Because we know those odds won’t change until we as a community develop the tools and the will to change them. Trinity’s building — and programs like Music for All — help create that sense of community and purpose.

Are you inspired? Please make a gift today.