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Reason #14: We mean it when we say “together”

The earthquake that struck Haiti last January affected families and loved ones who are part of our Trinity Boston Foundation community.

We responded by talking to our citywide partners. To FUEL and Roxbury Presbyterian’s Social Impact Center, our 2010 Bostonians for Youth partners.  We talked to the Black Ministerial Alliance and the Jewish Community Relations Council. Together we created a matching fund to match the offering at a city-wide worship service.  Donors to Trinity Boston Foundation pooled gifts of $25,000 that became part of an inter-faith offering totaling over $110,000. The Foundation’s gifts went to Partners in Health.

Changing the odds for Boston youth will take all of us, working together. And at the Trinity Boston Foundation, we look for ways to increase coordination and effectiveness within the non-profit sector. One crisis — or one opportunity — at a time.

Thanks for your partnership.


Reason #4: Bostonians for Youth Brings People and Programs Together to Change the Odds for Youth

Our annual fundraising dinner, Bostonians for Youth, is not your typical fundraiser. Each year, we invite two other organizations to partner with us around a common theme. Past partners include Boston Ten Point Coalition, Urban Improv, Roxbury Presbyterian Social Impact Center and FUEL. In 2011, our partners are Justice Resource Institute and the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute.  We’ve raised nearly $500,000 to date and divided the proceeds among the partners. Why do we do this? Because we think that greater collaboration among non-profits can lead to more effective programs and systemic change.

Mark your calendar for Bostonians for Youth 2011 on April 5th — see you there!

31 Days of Giving; 31 Reasons to Give

Today is December 1, and the Trinity Boston Foundation’s fiscal year ends with the calendar year on December 31. That  means we have 31 days to reach our revenue goal for 2010. 31 days to reach out to our current donors, our friends, our   city-wide partners and those we hope will support our work. We’re going to do that on this blog.

For every day in December, we’re going to offer a reason to give to Trinity Boston Foundation.

31 Days; 31 Reasons. Our goal is to find 1,000 donors who together will contribute $200,000. We’ll need gifts of all sizes – $10, $100, $1000 – in order to reach our goal. Won’t you join us?

Reason # 1:  Our Mission: Changing the odds for Boston youth.

Did you know that the high school graduation rate in the Boston Public Schools is only 60%? That an African-American boy in the 9th grade in the Boston Public Schools has, on average, a 7.5% chance of ever earning a college degree? Did you know that violence is the second leading cause of death among young people nationally? Or that an African-American boy born in 2001 in the U.S. has a 1 in 3 chance of going to prison in his lifetime? These are the odds – high school graduation, college completion, violence and incarceration – that the Trinity Boston Foundation is working to change. Working in partnership with schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations across Boston.

Together, let’s change the odds.