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Reason #22: A $10 gift becomes $20,000 when we all give together.

A Trinity Boston Foundation donor has issued a challenge to all of us.

If, in the month of December, 1,000 people give gifts to the Foundation of at least $10 each, that donor will give $10,000. A thousand gifts of $10 — plus the challenge gift — will become $20,000!

And with that $20,000, sixth graders will join TEEP and start the journey to college. Young men who have been incarcerated will join Street Potential and get themselves back on track to contribute to society. Parents and youth workers will find hope and support at the Trinity Boston Counseling Center.

That’s a lot of impact for your $10 gift. Won’t you contribute today?


Reason #20: Trinity Boston Counseling Center Gives Graduate-level Interns a Unique Learning Experience

As a second-year social work student, I worked at Trinity Boston Counseling Center, which is part of Trinity Boston Foundation. As an intern, I provided individual counseling and also worked at their offsite program, Street Potential – a program that provides life skills and vocational training to court-involved youth. TBCC uses several frameworks that truly show how client-centered they are in their counseling work. The team has a superb understanding of trauma and uses a trauma-informed framework in working with clients. As well, TBCC’s open-minded approach to integrating spirituality with counseling allows the client to define whether, what, and how spirituality nourishes them. There is also an amazing sense of observing sacred space together. As clinicians, we always thought about the sacred space we were developing with our clients. For instance, how is it defined by our clients, ourselves as clinicians, and by our interaction with each other in relationship? In staff meetings we regularly took moments at the beginning of each meeting to observe the sacred space created by the presence of those in the room (and often those who were missing) and what we would be discussing next. This type of meditation on space might seem small to some, but it meant that everyone was present in the moment to discuss topics at hand. The staff at Trinity is extremely seasoned, but they are always integrating new ways of applying knowledge acquired through relationship with clients, consultants, interns, and each other. There is a strong sense of team, collaboration, respect, and gratitude.

My year as an intern was pivotal in my development as a clinician, I learned valuable information about working with individuals, groups, and youth through a trauma and spirituality framework to truly “meet clients where they are.”

Amy Wong Hope

Reason #19: Charles wants to be a social worker. Street Potential is helping him on his way.

Street Potential plays a very vital role in my life in terms of keeping me occupied and off the street. It also helps me to be a constructive member of society. Street Potential is a very special program because it prepares you for the future. They set you up with a series of beneficial events based on the occupation you want to pursue. I want to be a social worker when I grow up and through Street Potential I will have the opportunity to have an internship in that field and learn what it is actually like to be one. It is a great program and I love being a part of it.


Reason #13: Art + Nature + Our Support = Lives Touched and Changed

On days when the weather isn’t too cold or wet, members of our Street Potential program head outside to paint.

What better place to escape the pressures of the streets than a place like Jamaica Pond?

Street Potential is an after-school program for  youth who are committed to the Department of Youth Services. Who have spent time locked up and who know the pressures of the streets all too well.  We work with them on educational and vocational goals. But through painting and creating hip hop music, we start with the deep work that will help them achieve those goals.

The heart at the center of the painting says it all, doesn’t it? That’s the deep work — and the world’s best reason to give.

Thanks for showing our Street Potential members your love.

Reason #9: Families commit for the long term. So do we.

This is a picture of Leon with Trinity Boston Foundation executive director Louise Packard. Leon’s loving parents are teens – his father is a graduate of Street Potential. At Trinity Boston Foundation, we know that most short-term interventions create only short-term change. That’s why we commit to youth and families for the long term.

Sometimes that means we get to be aunts and uncles to another generation of Boston youth.

Please make a gift today and help Leon grow into his full potential.

Reason #8: Give the Gift of Family

Last year, at the Street Potential graduation, we asked the participants what surprised them about the program. “I knew with Street Potential I’d be getting a job, but I had no idea I’d get a family,” one youth said. Street Potential is an intensive program for teenage boys committed to the Department of Youth Services. Participants learn what it takes to be successful through a curriculum that includes job training, art, music, exercise, speakers and field trips. Street Potential provides counseling and everything from academic to systemic support for the families and the young men, many of whom have experienced severe trauma. Our goal is to guide the youth and help them succeed, when many others have lost faith in them and even they question their ability to realize their dreams.

These young men are filled with hope and potential; they just need the support and the opportunities to thrive.

Please believe in these youth as we do and help give them the chance they need.