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Reason # 17: Sole Train! helped me run farther and faster than I ever thought I could!

I’ve been a member of Sole Train! for one year. Running the Boston Half Marathon last fall was the most life changing accomplishment for me.

Sole Train! has altered my life. It has made me believe in myself. I was even able to prove myself and others wrong. When I first joined, I wasn’t ready to handle the responsibility. My Sole Train! teammates helped push me towards excellence. When I gave up on myself my Sole Train! family was always there to pick me up. That hard work paid off for me when I ran 13.1 miles, which I never thought I could.

This achievement has inspired me to continue running. I have taken a huge step and joined the track team in my school.

Natalia  (11 th grade)


Reason #6: Once you Discover that you can Run 13.1 Miles; A Goal like College Graduation doesn’t seem as Daunting.

Here are six reasons to support the Trinity Boston Foundation: Nicki, Quinton, Standy, Morgan, Justin and Natalia (not pictured). These are six TEEP students who ran the Boston Half Marathon in October with the adult mentors of Sole Train!, the Foundation’s running club. We couldn’t be more proud of these students, who are part of TEEP’s Leadership Development Program (LDP). The LDP takes students who graduate from the summer program and trains them to be our future leaders through monthly meetings and empowerment groups, college preparation, and academic tutoring.

Who knew they could run 13.1 miles? What else are they likely to accomplish in their lifetimes? We know that that the sky is the limit for our TEEP students.

Please invest in their futures with a gift today.